Friday, February 03, 2006


Depeche Bloody Mode - No Thanks

What is it with Depeche bloody Mode? Why do so many people go crazy apeshit for them when THEY SUCK! They have always sucked! I saw them in the early 80's when they first began, new romantic period, and they sucked then! and they suck just as bad now!

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not just ranting for the sake of it, but people really love this band... why? They are lame ass fakes! they have absolutely no soul whatsoever! not an ounce of real passion! what are they singing about? they are supposed to be 'deep & meaningful'? I'll tell you - NOTHING! Wake up people - now if we want to go to any festival across Europe this year, we have to put up with Depeche bloody Mode, being the damn headliners at virtually every one! Why! Here in Spain they're doing both Benicassim and Primavera Sound, and people will love them...

How did this bunch of 3rd division goths from Billericay, get to become this world wide phenomenom? When they are such a bunch of passionless chancers - People their music means NOTHING! It says nothing, except "look at me".

I had the misfortune to witness Dave Gahan and his band, play at Razzmatazz in 2004... don't ask me why? Some friends were going & had guest list... He came onstage after about 20 mins of Muddy Waters & Led Zeppelin playing through the PA, was he trying to tell us he could be compared with them? God knows? Then there he was strutting around the stage with mic stand held over his head, a skinny little smackhead runt from Essex - with his meaningless drivel purporting to be songs, with his "Rock-Lite" band...

I was totally horrified - was I the only person, in this sold-out show, who thought this was bullshit? Yes! Everybody loved him - they knew all the meaningless words off by heart, and were singing along... I felt I was the only human being there, that had not been taken over by "pod-people"... I was shouting at the top of my voice "Shit, shit, this is shit - can you not see that", "Are you all blind!"...

Two songs in and he had his bloody shirt off - swaggering around, as if being a "rock-star" is something you can buy in a tatooists studio... Never had I seen such arrogance, from such a talentless buffoon... By this point I had abandoned my friends and was heading for the door, clawing my way desperately through the crowd - pausing every now & then to scream "Shit!, this is fucking shit, Lemme outta here!"

Now this year he's back, with his stupid ass band! To play every single festival across Europe and all the mega-stadiums in the US. Maybe I should go and live in a cave until it's all over, If you see me staggering around Benicassim, grunting like I've got Tourettes Syndrome, then you'll know what's causing it... Depeche bloody Mode.

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