Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Still No Doner Kebabs!

Ten days into the New Year, and still my resolution is holding firm. No Doner Kebabs have passed my lips since the evil, food poisoning bastard on December 29th. Last night was a close run thing - leaving SIFO at 2.30am this morning after a marathon six hour DJ session, split between there and Senses - then having to run the gauntlet of all the late night Kebab shops along Rambla de Raval, with those glistening hunks of lamb and chicken turning temptingly on their spits. But no, i managed to ignore them all - and on arriving home, rewarded myself with some warmed-over, home cooked pasta & a huge chunk of duty-free Toblerone. You see it is possible to keep a New Years Resolution, at least for ten days...

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