Monday, June 27, 2005


Apology to a Blog

Dear Blog

I'm sorry i have not been giving you the attention that you deserve over the last month, I know I should have taken the time to love and nurture you, to help you grow and mature into a fully rounded individual. But no! it didn't happen - I have just been spending far too much time 'having it large' and burning my candle at both ends, and in the middle, all at the same time.

Well there have been parties I've had to go too, house parties, parties in bars, parties on beaches and SONAR 2005, that demanded my full attention as well - and I just didn't have the time to lavish attention on you my friend... There were 'Aloha Hawaii' parties, how could I come home from a night of cocktails, hula dancing & limbo and spend time with you? Nope I just had to pass out - face down on the bed still wearing a lei and a straw stetson. There were nights at Magic, playing air guitar to "Sweet Home Alabama", with a bunch of hairy Catalan rockers - nights at SONAR, punching the air to Richie Hawtin until 7.00am and the harsh glare of daylight. How could I then give you the care and love you so begged from me? No I have been a cruel and neglectful master... There have been nights raving on the beach, to pounding techno whilst bangers and rockets exploded all around, nights in sweaty warehouses, being assaulted by the relentless bass of a dub soundsystem. How could I then even spare an hour to put quill to parchment, to scratch out a few lines of erudite wit? Not it was just an impossible chore. How much further could I go to express my guilt and regret?

There have been days on the beach, cooking slowly under the Mediterranean sun, watching pudgy white flesh turn pink - then you would have thought I could have made some time for you, my bloggy friend. But no... I was overcome by tidal waves of apathy and neglect.

However I'm sure next month I'll get it together.


Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings in Barcelona


I can't stand it! It's all too much EXCITEMENT!!!

after all that exciting reggae stuff i've just told you about - I've just discovered that the incredible SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS are playing Barcelona next month!!! at La Paloma of all places...

If you're not familiar with them, Sharon Jones is one of the greatest contemporary soul, deep-funk, rhythm & blues singers around, with the tightest kick-ass, eight piece band imaginable. Out of NYC, they have two storming albums of old-school funk & soul "Dap-Dippin" and the more recent "Naturally" - which sound as if they come straight out of the Stax / Atlantic back catalogue... but are brand new on the Dap-Tone label. If you want to hear her, gimme a call - I'll come over and slap a CD on your player - you cannot live a full & active life without hearing Sharon Jones...

Check her out at

So thats Thursday, 14th July
Doors 10pm show until midnight
€18.00 adv or €20.00 door


and speaking of all things F.U.N.K.Y.
Thursday, 28th July @ Powder Room / Apolo
he's back - the King of Deep Funk - KEB DARGE surely I need say no more - if you want to dance for five hours until you are a sweaty, gelatinous mess on the floor - then Keb Darge is your DJ - funk, soul stompers, original disco, pounding rhythm & blues... awesome.
Usually kicks off around 1.00am, price varies, free with a flyer...


Now I've got over-excited I'll have to go and have a lay-down... I'm hoping you'll be feeling the same way!

Barcelona Reggae Summer

Hola! this is just a bit of a 'heads up', if you live in Barcelona and like reggae music, then this summer is an absolute blinder - beyond anything, with some legendary performers treading the boards of Razzmatazz and the Apolo over the next five weeks...

over three days at Razzmatazz 2, Reggaestival has some excellent gigs. Tickets for all three gigs are €50.00 or individually they are about €20.00 advance, €22.00 on the door, but check for full details. Schedule is as follows:

Monday, 27th June from 6.00pm
The Jamaican dancehall legend, responsible for the 80's classic "Under Mi Sensi" and many others.

Tuesday, 28th June from 6.00pm
CAPLETON + Jah Thunder + Moses I & David House Band
Another Jamaican icon and dancehall legend.

Wednesday, 29th June from 6.00pm
ISRAEL VIBRATION & Roots Radics Band
Israel Vibration have been releasing records since 1977, in the classic 'concious reggae' / rasta style and tonight they are joined by reggae's finest instrumentalists the Roots Radics Band, who have been providing the music for Jamaicas greatest singers for thirty years. 

Then throughout July there are a series of awesome shows at the Apolo:

Monday, 4th July @ Apolo from 9.30pm
'The Royal Family of Reggae' - Morgan Heritage are the five children of reggae artist Denroy Morgan, they are the finest exponents of contemporary roots reggae.
€17.00  adv or €20.00 door

Tuesday, 12th July @ Apolo from 8.30pm
is the acknowledged king of contemporary Jamaicas' roots & culture music scene, and probably the islands biggest star:
full biog:
€21 adv or €24.00 door

Friday, 15th July @ Apolo from 8.30pm
Michael Rose and Duckie Simpson have put the legendary Black Uhuru back together again - back in the early 80's they were huge, albums like 'Red' and 'Anthem' stormed the pop charts and they supported the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Clash & Talking Heads. I was lucky to see Michael Rose a couple of years ago in Sydney as featured vocalist with Sly & Robbie performing old Black Uhuru classics and he was incredible, a consumate showman.
€18.00 adv or €21.00 door

Sunday, 24th July @ Apolo from 6.30pm
Jamaican Startime Showcase: 
GREGORY ISSACS + U ROY + FRANKIE PAUL + Lloyd Parks' We The People Band.
A three hour show featuring three of reggae's greats - Gregory Issacs "The Cool Ruler" has been making records since the late 60's and has had over 400 releases, probably the greatest voice in reggae music ever...  now in his early 60s U-Roy is one of the true originators of reggae, Frankie Paul rose to prominence in the early 80's with the beginnings of 'dancehall style' and his classic "Worries In The Dance"... definitely an unmissable show.
€21 adv or €24.00 door

Phew, just looking at that line up is mind-blowing... hope you might want to come to one or some of the above - and please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Gig and DJ List May 2005

06/05/05 - Violadores Del Verso + Ty + Rodney P and Skitz @ Urbanfunke Festival, Barcelona

08/05/05 - Armadillo + Sara da Pin Up + Disco Monsters @ Urbanfunke Festival, Barcelona

10/05/05 - Asian Dub Foundation @ Razzmatazz, Barcelona

18/05/05 - Nitin Sawhney @ Bikini, Barcelona

19/05/05 - Keb Darge @ Apolo, Barcelona

26/05/05 - DJ Vadim & One Self @ Jazz Cafe, London

28/05/05 - The Bikini Beach Band @ Clockwork, London

Friday, June 03, 2005


Too Black, Too Strong for Live 8

Well done Sir Bob Geldof, you've gone and done it again - 'let's have another huge fundraising & political awareness concert for the third world, and yet again neglect to invite any black or asian artists to perform at it'. Out of the 22 acts lined up to play at the Hyde Park - Live 8 concert on July 2nd, only one, Mariah Carey, can be described as coming from an ethnic minority...

Where are the representatives of the Black British urban scene that has been sweeping the world in the last few years? - Roots Manuva, Dizzee Rascal, Ms Dynamite & Jamelia - no instead we get the same old safe and sanitized trad product - Sting, Paul McCartney & Annie Lennox - have any of them even been in the charts this decade?

Where are the representatives from Africa? not a single African music act is gracing the stage... Youssou N'Dour is playing the Paris show, but in London - nothing.

Where are the Jamaican reggae artists who have been campaigning for civil rights & equality for years? - Sizzla, The Wailers all on tour in Europe around that period, none represented.

Where are the representatives from the British Asian scene? Asian Dub Foundation - easily the most vociferous and hyper critical of the G8 policies, the Clash / Public Enemy for the 21st Century, Nitin Sawhney incredibly popular throughout the UK, not represented.

Nope, yet again it's Bob Geldof's old boy network on the go again... maybe he has the best of intentions, but forgive me if I sound a bit cynical - Band Aid boosted the record sales of all the artists who performed at it by about 600%, so maybe Madonna needs another extension on the castle.

I'll leave the last word to Patrick Augustus from the Black Information Link

"It seems like the great white man has come to rescue us while the freedom fighters never get a mention. They're just big-ing up their own people.
"The organisers need to engage British, African and Jamaican artists who have been dealing with these subjects for a while. Where are the reggae artists that have been campaigning for truth and justice over all these years?"

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