Thursday, August 05, 2004


Downtown Los Angeles

As stated previously, there is really nowhere quite as mind-blowing in the USA as Downtown Los Angeles, and the amazing thing is that so few people from Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice etc actually go there to appreciate it.

At street level it's Mexico City - crazy stores selling bootleg merchandise [Von Dutch everywhere], giant Mariachi guitars, accordians - look up and you're surrounded by the remains of old 20's & 30's art deco skyscrapers, theatres & movie houses. One of these photos even shows an ad for an Esther Williams movie! How old is that?

This is the LA of Raymond Chandler & James Ellroy, before all the original Los Angelenos moved out to the suburbs, this is where the real history of LA is, and I haven't even mentioned the Bradbury Building yet!

All the following photos were taken on 10th July 2004, using a Lomo and x-processing slide film, click on the thumbnails below for bigger & higher quality pix. All these photos will soon appear, properly laid out, on the new website.

Actually - one of the photos in the last row, isn't Downtown at all but Sunset Boulevard, from the balcony of the Hyatt, erm... at night.
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