Sunday, August 29, 2004


Aussie Icons #2

Astor Theatre
Cnr Chapel St & Dandenong Rd

Was lucky enough to be in Melbourne last week and visit my favourite cinema, the incredible Astor Theatre. Built in the 1930's the Astor remains in almost pristine condition, and the interior is an art-deco masterpiece, with graceful bannisters and balconies, overstuffed sofas, checkerboard tiled bathrooms - if you're really lucky somebody may even be playing the piano in the foyer. There is one huge screen, that often features 70mm movies, and the capacity is a massive1,150. This is what real cinema going is all about, rather than the pokey little cupboards most multiplexes like to cram people into these days, with screens no bigger than your table top.

The quality of the programming is stunning - arthouse films, golden age classics, the best current blockbusters, cult & foreign. Previously here I had seen the reconditioned print of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" and this time round I was lucky enough to catch a rare showing of David Lynch's "Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me. It's a good job I don't live in Melbourne, because I would be living in this place - sleeping in the broom cupboard. And of course with all the finest independent cinemas The Astor has it's own cat - Marzipan .See their website for forthcoming schedule, and loads of photos of the interior.

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