Sunday, August 22, 2004


Aussie Icons #1

Luna Park
Milsons Point

Must admit I do have a soft spot for the Luna Parks, both of them Sydney and Melbourne and have photographed them many times. The Sydney park was constructed in 1935, and named after it's Coney Island NY namesake, and it definitely remains an Australian Icon, despite mysterious fires and accidents conspiring to close it down many times over the years. Now the enemy is that modern day pariah, the property developer, they have been trying to get their hands on this prime piece of harbourside real estate for decades. If you come to Luna Park, make sure to sign the petition to keep the park open - it really deserves protected status - and mustn't go the way of so much of Sydney's heritage, under the bulldozer.



All the above were taken on 1st August 2004, using a Lomo and x-processing Kodak slide film. Click thumbnail for larger image.

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