Thursday, August 05, 2004


Amazing Places #2

Bradbury Building
304, South Broadway (at 3rd)
Downtown, Los Angeles

Built in 1893, the Bradbury Building is LA's oldest commercial building and easily it's most original. Commissioned by oil millionaire & real estate developer Lewis Bradbury, who wanted to create something that would ensure his immortality, the building was designed by an apprentice draughtsman, George Wyman who had never completed a building before.

Wyman was influenced to build the huge skylight, which floods the building with light by Edward Bellamy's utopian novel "Looking Backward". The story also goes that he consulted his dead brother during an Ouija board session, and was told that the building would make him famous. Hence the completely original structure of cast iron & wood, the cage elevators and stairs making for a very unusual building. Bradbury himself died before it was completed and never saw the creation that bore his name.

Being in Los Angeles, the Bradbury Building has featured in many movies including the film noir classic "DOA" [1946], "Chinatown" and is probably best known for being the location of JF Sebastian's apartment, at the climax of Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" [1982].

All the following photos were taken on 10th July 2004, using a Lomo and x-processing slide film. Click these thumbnails for full size image.

How many cameras have you got? I like the saturated color from these photos. I´m assuming you got that from the slide film. My favorite is the graffitied billborad man! Nice work.....
Just found a very cool VR panorama of the inside of the Bradbury Building, you'll need Quicktime VR, then Click Here
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