Saturday, August 05, 2006


This Blog Is Now Discontinued.....


Sorry but this Blog has now been discontinued, and all my posting will now just be featured in MySpace... Was a tough decision to take - but the truth is, there was never any interaction through this site - whereas in MySpace, there has always been a lot more correspondence from people, offers of work, DJ gigs in the USA and Madrid... so have decided to stop contributing here.
From now on any correspondence should be directed to:

Thanks & adios...

Friday, February 03, 2006


Depeche Bloody Mode - No Thanks

What is it with Depeche bloody Mode? Why do so many people go crazy apeshit for them when THEY SUCK! They have always sucked! I saw them in the early 80's when they first began, new romantic period, and they sucked then! and they suck just as bad now!

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not just ranting for the sake of it, but people really love this band... why? They are lame ass fakes! they have absolutely no soul whatsoever! not an ounce of real passion! what are they singing about? they are supposed to be 'deep & meaningful'? I'll tell you - NOTHING! Wake up people - now if we want to go to any festival across Europe this year, we have to put up with Depeche bloody Mode, being the damn headliners at virtually every one! Why! Here in Spain they're doing both Benicassim and Primavera Sound, and people will love them...

How did this bunch of 3rd division goths from Billericay, get to become this world wide phenomenom? When they are such a bunch of passionless chancers - People their music means NOTHING! It says nothing, except "look at me".

I had the misfortune to witness Dave Gahan and his band, play at Razzmatazz in 2004... don't ask me why? Some friends were going & had guest list... He came onstage after about 20 mins of Muddy Waters & Led Zeppelin playing through the PA, was he trying to tell us he could be compared with them? God knows? Then there he was strutting around the stage with mic stand held over his head, a skinny little smackhead runt from Essex - with his meaningless drivel purporting to be songs, with his "Rock-Lite" band...

I was totally horrified - was I the only person, in this sold-out show, who thought this was bullshit? Yes! Everybody loved him - they knew all the meaningless words off by heart, and were singing along... I felt I was the only human being there, that had not been taken over by "pod-people"... I was shouting at the top of my voice "Shit, shit, this is shit - can you not see that", "Are you all blind!"...

Two songs in and he had his bloody shirt off - swaggering around, as if being a "rock-star" is something you can buy in a tatooists studio... Never had I seen such arrogance, from such a talentless buffoon... By this point I had abandoned my friends and was heading for the door, clawing my way desperately through the crowd - pausing every now & then to scream "Shit!, this is fucking shit, Lemme outta here!"

Now this year he's back, with his stupid ass band! To play every single festival across Europe and all the mega-stadiums in the US. Maybe I should go and live in a cave until it's all over, If you see me staggering around Benicassim, grunting like I've got Tourettes Syndrome, then you'll know what's causing it... Depeche bloody Mode.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Billy Wilder Season @ Filmoteca, Barcelona

Got to love that Filmoteca, here in Barcelona - a whole Billy Wilder season for the next two weeks - lots of the classics: "The Lost Weekend", "The Big Carnival" aka "Ace In The Hole" (one of my favourites about the unscrupulous journalist & the miner trapped underground, with the awesome Kirk Douglas), the film noir masterpiece "Double Indemnity", "Sabrina" and "Some Like It Hot".... no "Sunset Boulevard" though, that's a bit odd. Check him out on - he did some many great films in his career.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


RAWAL LAUNCH @ La Paloma, Barcelona

Just came back from RAWAL LAUNCH @ my favourite Barcelona venue - La Paloma. First shock was strolling in there at 9.30pm and finding the place packed - this is Barcelona for God's sake - nobody goes out at that time... When recovered from the shock - checked it out, market stores selling food, clothes & jewelry. Yoga lessons given from the stage by crazy Argentinian guy... girl doing gymnastics on a rope, dangling above the crowd, Bhangra dancing... crazy. It was a really interesting night, until some really dull, bog-standard guitar pop band came on, we got bored after four songs and had to leave, and we weren't the only ones. Good up until then though.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Still No Doner Kebabs!

Ten days into the New Year, and still my resolution is holding firm. No Doner Kebabs have passed my lips since the evil, food poisoning bastard on December 29th. Last night was a close run thing - leaving SIFO at 2.30am this morning after a marathon six hour DJ session, split between there and Senses - then having to run the gauntlet of all the late night Kebab shops along Rambla de Raval, with those glistening hunks of lamb and chicken turning temptingly on their spits. But no, i managed to ignore them all - and on arriving home, rewarded myself with some warmed-over, home cooked pasta & a huge chunk of duty-free Toblerone. You see it is possible to keep a New Years Resolution, at least for ten days...


Latest Travel Update

A further update on my last bunch of travel info, with an added trip to Madrid next month as follows:

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


2006 - Update on Movements

Flights between Barcleona & London are now ridiculously cheap during the week on Easyjet, so taking the opportunity to go and rescue some of my goodies from storage hell... plus of course London & LA in March.
As follows:

Tuesday, 17th January - Barcelona to London, Luton
Friday, 20th January - London, Luton to Barcelona
Tuesday, 7th March - Barcelona to London, Luton
Tuesday, 14th March - London, Heathrow to Los Angeles, LAX
Los Angeles to San Fransisco & back, details TBA
Friday, 24th March - Los Angeles, LAX to London, Heathrow
Then London to Barcelona, details TBA


Cervecería Alemana / Madrid

One cold and wet morning last October - I stepped into this old bar in the Santa Ana region of Madrid, just to get some coffee & a bocadillo for breakfast... not really thinking much of it at the time. It is beautifully old fashioned, with the tiles & the whole place is decorated with old photographs & press cuttings of bullfighters, with a few big old bull heads hanging on the wall. All the waiters dressed in white shirts & aprons, like they had just stepped out of the 1930's, with that 'don't really give a damn' attitude.

I thought it was great - was until later that I learned that it used to be frequented by Ernest Hemingway, wasn't really surpised by that, you can't really go anywhere on the planet with finding a bar that he used to drink at. What really impressed me though was when I read that it used to also be visited by Ava Gardener and Frank Sinatra... I guess that would have had to have been around the time that she was making the movie version of Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" here in Spain. Next time I visit there, will be quite easy to visualise the pair of them - Ava checking out the young matadors, with Frank seething away with jealousy in the background, I guess they must have been married then.

Must go back to Robert Evans's amazing book 'The Kid Stays In The Picture' see if I can find some history - 'The Sun Also Rises', was Evans first starring roll & every other actor, the director & even Hemingway himself, tried unsuccessfully to have him thrown off the project, but you'll have to read the book...

Monday, January 02, 2006


Xmas to New Year - Crash & Sleep

Phew well that's the festivus season over for another year, luckily i managed to avoid most of it this year through a series of deliberate and accidental manouvres. Went off to visit Ben in Andorra on the 23rd and stayed up there in El Tarter for a good five days, in the snow... see, which was very nice. Had fully intended to try some skiing, even getting insurance in advance, but then kept having this recurring nightmare of snapping my wrists - going down on the ice. No actual snowfall, when i was there, just hard & slippery ice... so i thought it would be much safer just to potter about taking photos & laying about in the central heating watching DVD's. Did actually manage to rustle up a pretty good Xmas dinner of roast chicken & all the trimmings - although it suffered a bit through lack of a decent gravy - should have seen me attempting to mime 'gravy' to a bemused Andorran woman in the local market. So engaged in maximum lethargy mode & watched back to back episodes of "Lost"... awesome.

Came back down on the 28th with a stinking cold, to a virtually deserted Barcelona, well deserted by everybody i know, and promptly made the ridiculously stupid mistake of eating after midnight. That would be submitting to the temptation of the late night, doner kebab & chips - what an idiot. Subsequently knocked sideways with a sledgehammer blow of food poisoning, which lasted pretty much into New Years Day. Will I never learn - that grungy looking spit of chicken, that that grimy looking dude is taking slices from, has probably been hanging up there for at least a couple of days... and no he does not give a shit if you live or die - just as long as he gets his €3.50.

Consequently NYE was a write off for me... in bed by 11.15pm, slept 13 solid hours - whilst the world was celebrating, i was well not really giving a damn about anything really - except if there could possibly be anything else in my belly, that i could deposit down the toilet bowl... lovely! Still thats left me with two New Years resolutions - "Eat Better Food" & "Declare War on Kebab Shops"... well along with the twenty four others, most of which I have already forgotten.

2006 - Hell Yeah! bring it on... I'm lacing my gloves up right now, hope you gotta good cut man in your corner!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Neglecting One Blog For The Other

Been neglecting this Blog again for a while, but there has been quite a lot of activity going on over at THE SUNDAY JOINT, with regard to recent parties and events etc.

Leaving Barcelona for the mountains this Xmas - will be away in Andorra from Friday, 23rd December until probably 28th, have an open ended ticket so it probably depends on how many bones i manage to break... Ooops - that reminds me, travel insurance.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Keeping Track On Those Movements

This month I totally wussed out on going to the UK, because of the imminent threat of seriously cold weather and blizzards - call it cowardice, call it sensible, whatever you like... However I now have major movements scheduled for next March as follows:
Tuesday 7th March - Barcelona to London
Tuesday 14th March - London to Los Angeles
Friday/Saturday 24/25th March - Los Angeles to London

Visiting my homies Ned & Naomi plus new little squiddler Kal in LA, with possible side trip to San Fransisco, thrown in for good measure... more details as they come.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Sunday Joint & SIFO

Had a monster night, last night - v.successful SUNDAY JOINT, followed by 2 hour set at SIFO in Raval - feeling a bit deaf this morning though - not used to playing at a decent volume these days... Senses managed to get a piece on the bar into Guide Out Barcelona this month as well, see below:

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Sunday Joint November Poster

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Come In Human Beings Your Time Is Up!

Do you ever wake up some mornings, switch on the news, pick up a newspaper and think “We human beings, really don’t deserve to be living on this planet”? Somedays it seems that we humans are just basically evil and cannot do anything, except think up new ways to kill each other and make more money, at the expense of absolutely everything else.

You’d think that the in the 21st Century then we might have moved on a bit, but no – we’re still up to our same old routines, just like in the dark ages – killing and torturing people because we don’t like their religion or the colour of their skin. That might sound trite – but if you look at it, we haven’t moved on even one inch since then – oh sure we’ve got computers, the internet and mobile phones, we’ve put men on the moon but we’ve also got fanatical religious fundamentalists, leading invasions of other countries or blowing themselves up on tube trains. We might have found a way of alleviating the suffering caused by Aids, but we won’t give it to the people who need it the most, because the drug companies can’t make any profit out of it. We might realise that it is actually possible to alleviate third world famine, with a bit of debt relief and wealth re-distribution – but we will never do it, because it will mean that in our ‘industrialised’ world, that some people may have to take a little drop in their living standards.

All these hurricanes, floods etc. that are battering our world with an ever increasing ferocity every year – they’re not just freak occurrences, it’s our pollution and industrialisation, forcing up global warming, heating up the oceans, melting the ice-caps at astounding rates. Changing the climatic currents of the planet, that have remained pretty much unchanged for tens of thousands of years, until the industrial revolution – and now we’re seeing massively accelerated change every year. The deserts are moving northwards into Spain and southern Europe, the islands of the southern Pacific are sinking as water levels rise. Annually the islands of the West Indies & the southern states of the USA are subjected to worse and worse, batterings by hurricanes, but still the industrialised nations refuse to do anything about it.

With the USA & Australia refusing to sign up for the Kyoto protocol, China & Indias’ economies about to start ramping up with ever increasing industrialisation, to massive levels. With other western countries that have signed up, involved in ridiculous trade-offs with non-industrialised African & South American states, for their allowed quotas of toxic emissions – what do they think this is? Some kind of worldwide game of Monopoly? I’ll trade your 10,000 tons of carbon-dioxide emissions for $3 billion plus a few jet fighters.

Of course the men & women who run these giant multi-nationals aren’t really concerned about what lays 20 or 30 years down the line, they’re just concerned about their profits over the next 5 years or so – they’ll all be dead and their children & grandchildren well they’ll all be living in a J.G.Ballard novel. It’s all about the dollar, greed, the short term accumulation of wealth – they just plain ‘don’t care’ what kind of world they pass on to the next generation, that is the honest truth. Is that evil?

Is it evil that tobacco giants like Phillip Morris, can go on producing a legal addictive drug, that they know kills millions of people every year? Are the owners and shareholders of a company like this more of less guilty of genocide, than say Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot? They’d say ‘no’ of course, they’d say we don’t force people to smoke that’s their choice – but as their western markets begin to decline, just look at the ferocious way in which they’re targeting the markets in Asia. If you make your living by selling people something that you know, 100% no argument about it, may very well kill them – does that make you a bad person, when you deliberately introduce them to something that is more physically addictive than heroin, are you guilty of drug dealing?

When it all comes down to it – it seems that the only thing we’re actually any good at is killing each other off… either with more inventive & sophisticated weaponry, smart bombs & cruise missiles, daisy cutters & white phosphorus or surreptitiously with under education & neglect. If we spent just 10% of the time, energy & money, that we use to make weapons of mass destruction on trying to give everyone in this world a decent standard of living, so that nobody has to starve, freeze to death or live in poverty – we could solve a huge chunk of the planets problems straight off. But there would be no short term profit in it – so far better than to start a few wars, so our multi-nationals can profit be selling weapons to all sides & then make more money by cleaning up the destruction afterwards…

So do we really deserve to be living on this planet? After all if it is the only world with life on in this Solar System, we human beings are not doing a very good job of caring for it – we seem do spend an inordinate amount of time killing – killing the other animals, killing the forests & natural habitat, killing the atmosphere, killing the resources and most time of all we seem to spend killing each other. Maybe we should let the cockroaches take over, I’m pretty sure they couldn’t do a worse job.


Hell Comes To Falluja II

If the truth ever actually comes out about what's been happening in Iraq over the last few years - then certain individuals in the US military should be forced to answer some very tough questions, and no doubt some should definitely be charged with war crimes. One year on from the attack on Fallujah (see Hell Comes To Fallujah ) it now transpires, after many blank denials - that the US military did actually use White Phosphorus against human targets in that city, supposedly against "insurgents" but also causing many civilian deaths, including women & children. White Phosphorus itself is not illegal to use on the battlefield - usually to illuminate the combat zone - however using it against human beings is a shockingly evil & hideous crime and goes another step further to illustrating that the US Government's claims about Iraq's regime and "chemical weapons" , was just stunning hypocrisy. 

To fully realise the horror of this weapon, you have to think back to your school science lessons, and remember what happened when your chemistry teacher dropped a lump of phosphorus into a bowl of water - remember how it burned with that incandescant white light until it was totally consumed - how it reacted with liquid. Now imagine that, used against a human being - apparently photographic evidence exists from Fallujah of corpses, with their clothes perfectly intact - but all other features burned away where the chemical, has reacted against the water in that persons skin, mouth & eyes. Can you imagine a more horrific way to die? From BBC News:

White phosphorus is highly flammable and ignites on contact with oxygen. If the substance hits someone's body, it will burn until deprived of oxygen., a defence website, says: "Phosphorus burns on the skin are deep and painful... These weapons are particularly nasty because white phosphorus continues to burn until it disappears... it could burn right down to the bone."

Now imagine how you would feel if a foreign army invaded your country on the pretext that your leaders were stockpiling chemical weapons... never actually found a single scrap of evidence of this... and then started using White Phosphorus against your civilian population. Somehow I don't think the US military has got this "Winning Hearts & Minds" concept quite worked out properly.

Friday, November 11, 2005


November Sunday Joint Poster

Sunday Joint

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


New Lomography Gallery

Miss Van GraffHave just started a new gallery on the Lomo website in order to host photos taken on my Lomo LCA and Holga cameras. Here's the link not much up there so far, but am adding new material to it day by day. Like this Miss Van piece of grafitti from Barcelona - which unfortunately has now been painted over.

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