Friday, October 14, 2005


What A Strange Co-Incidence

So I'm laying around the flat, just thinking about stuff - and I'm thinking about being in the Fun Ho! toy museum in Taranaki, New Zealand - which used to the only place in NZ, where they actually manufactured toy cars for kids, which is pretty amazing. I was there whilst on a road trip from Wellington to New Plymouth with Katie H and, exactly like today in Barcelona, it absolutely pissed down with rain the whole day. So then I'm thinking I wonder what I was doing on this day last year? so I pull last years diary off the shelf - and by a strange co-incidence it was exactly one year to the very day, that we had visited the place. Click Here to see more photos.

That struck me as a bit strange, and what also struck me was the Octoberness of my reading material - exactly a year ago I was reading the dark spooky gothicness of HP Lovecraft, and now I'm reading the dark, spooky gothicness of Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked This Way Comes"... and it's not like I read dark spooky gothic stuff all the time, maybe just in October.

Maybe the rain's not a co-incidence, because it always rains in New Zealand... but also we ended up going to see the dreadful Pitch Black at a crazy rave in Wellington, and wound up at 4am, absolutely blind drunk in a karaoke bar! Co-incidentally I'm going out later tonight, for a friends birthday drinks in BCN - and there is also a very good chance that i might end up stinking drunk at 4am. What a strange world it is.

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