Sunday, October 16, 2005


Heads Up Iran! You're Next!

So Tony Blair is convinced that Iran is behind attacks on UK forces is Southern Iraq eh? and of course we can trust Tony - I mean it wasn't his fault that the information he was given about Weapons Of Mass Destruction turned out to be a huge crock of shit... wasn't his fault that the 15 Minute Response was a totally fictitious... of course none of this was going to stick with Teflon Tony.

Tony Blair leading the way... of course Condoleeza Rice is meeting him in Chequers today to talk it over, although military action against Iran is "inconceivable". And of course Iran is developing their atomic programme in order to build nuclear weapons - hang on a second, doesn't this all sound a bit familiar?

Strange co-incidence that Katarina and subsequent hurricanes, just happened to knock out a huge chunk of America's oil production in the Gulf of Mexico in the last couple of months, but convenient that Iran just happens to have a huge reserve of the stuff.

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