Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Sir Bob Geldof - Egomaniac or G8 Stooge?

With all the mayhem of the last two months - London bombings, hurricanes in New Orleans etc - it has been far to easy to overlook, the results (or lack of them) after the G8 Summit and the self-indulgent farce that was Live 8. For a real insight into the recent developments that have occurred since the G8 declaration that led Sir Bob to announce: “a great justice has been done. .. On aid, 10 out of 10; on debt, eight out of 10 … Mission accomplished frankly.” you must check out George Monbiot's new article 'The Man Who Betrayed The Poor' on his website:


It makes for harrowing reading, all of the supposed promises made by the G8 have crumbled away to dust - not that you would ever know by reading the mainstream media. Sir Bob has he made any effort whatsoever to point this out? absolutely none - the question needs to be asked, is this because he is a damn fool with a giant ego problem, or is he really a stooge of the G8? he was pretty quick to pat George and Tony on their backs, thats for sure.

If you have any doubts then read the full article by clicking the link above, here are a couple of choice quotes that I have pulled out:

“We are very critical of what Bob Geldof did during the G8 Summit”, Demba Moussa Dembele of the African Forum on Alternatives tells me. “He did it for his self-promotion. This is why he marginalized African singers, putting the limelight on himself and Bono, rather than on the issues. … The objectives of the whole Live8 campaign had little to do with poverty reduction in Africa. It was a scheme intended to project Geldof and Blair as humanitarian figures coming to the rescue of “poor and helpless” Africans.”(15)

“Right from the beginning,” says Kofi Mawuli Klu of the Forum of African Human Rights Defenders, “he has acted in his own selfish interests. It was all about self-promotion, about usurping the place of Africans. His message was “shut up and watch me”. Without even understanding the root causes of the problems, he used his role to drown the voices of the African people and replace them with his own. There are many knowledgeable people – African and non-African – who could have advised him, but he has been on his own, ego-tripping.”(16)

I have heard similar sentiments from every African campaigner I have spoken to. Bob Geldof is beginning to look like Mother Teresa or Joy Adamson. To the corporate press, and therefore to most of the public, he is a saint. Among those who know something about the issues, he is detested. 

Sorry Bob - a mission very very far from being accomplished by the looks of it...

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