Tuesday, September 06, 2005


"Cramp Your Style" - New Mixtape MP3 available online now!

I've been working on a new mix in order to get some DJ dates around Barcelona, so at the same time i thought i had might as well put it online:

It's about 50 mins long and clocks in at about 56MB, so better if you've got broadband...
You'll find some Funk and Soul, both vintage and contemporary - some Hip-Hop, Latin Boogaloo, Original Disco & Jazz Breaks - which covers some of the genres that I usually play, but not all...
All mixed up in my usual sloppy & haphazard fashion...

Hope you enjoy, feel free to pass the link on to anybody who you think might like it...

Cheers Roger...

at the risk of gushing...

i'm having a terrible time dealing with my job lately, but
i'm listening to your mixtape and i just don't care!

that missy elliot track is sweet.

: )

-michelle, also super dope

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