Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Hot In The City Tonight...

August in Barcelona - a very strange month, almost all my friends have left, taken off for South America, Africa & the UK - leaving a big empty gulf in the social scene. Lots of shops are bars are just plain shut for the month, and everything seems to have ground to a halt - although there are more tourists than ever in the middle of town.

Gracia Festival was pretty loco though - loads of people dressed up as demons chasing screaming girls around the streets with fireworks, I got a few burns myself - getting in a bit too close to take photos... huge  dragons and lizards spitting fire around, ten foot dancing giants, the Catalan human towers (Castellers) with little kids on top, five storeys up. Loads of bands playing in the streets on makeshift stages - some good and some absolutely terrible - most South American salsa bands were excellent, all Catalan rock bands were  the pits - Especially the one that treated us to phonetic versions of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Highway To Hell" whilst all wearing matching yellow flowery shirts!!! The Horror!!! However beer & Sangria were flowing hard and Mojitos were available by the litre - so that kind of took the edge off. Musical highlight was the Brazillian? band that incorporated such serious bumping and grinding into their act, that it was just one step away from hardcore porn... we were shocked, and it takes a lot to do that these days - good fun though.

Lots of photos coming up soon - for placement on the website, so stay tuned.

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