Friday, July 01, 2005


Live8? No Thanks!

Celine Bloody Dion - the Queen of the Bland, who the hell let her out of retirement? For God's sake, who thinks that her inane caterwauling is really going to help save lives in Africa? Maybe she's got another "Greatest Hits" coming out in the near future, needs a nice little sales boost. Thank you Canada Live8 - and Bryan Bloody Adams as well, talk about the dull leading the turgid, for some reason Flaix TV (the Catalan MTV) seems to be obsessed with that dumb "Room Service" song, if ever have to hear that shit again, I'm heaving the TV out the window. Don't even get me started on the Barenaked Ladies!

Live8, how much more transparent could it get - Bob Geldof's old cronies must be rubbing their hands with glee and the new bands? Coldplay, Dido, Razorlight - talk about a bunch of lowest common denominator corporate puppies. In a previous Blog i was complaining about the lack of African or reggae artists on the bill  - what do we get? UB bloody 40, talk about reggae-lite shite for couples from Milton Keynes, to listen too while driving the Astra. And Pink Floyd these guys hate each others guts so much that they haven't even been able to speak for the last fifteen years - you cannot tell me that this is not a cynical ploy to get the old back catalogue ticking over again.

I would indeed like to see a graph of how all these faded 80's has-beens, will see their record sales picking up immediately after this event, half of them haven't even had a hit in this century. I would really like to have seen somebody take up Damon Albarn's suggestion that at least one of these artists or their record companies - agree to donate a sizeable chunk of the royalties (that they'll be receiving through enhanced record sales) towards aid for Africa - but we all know that the chances of that happening are about 0.

As for Bob Geldof himself, for a "great campaigner for Africa" he certainly seems pretty happy to let the G8 world's leaders off-the-hook, with a remark like "no-one is to blame" (for Africa's poverty). There are a great many people to blame for Africas' plight... Europe and the west has been raping Africa for 300 years, stealing her land, her resources, her minerals, her food. Even stealing her people and using them to run the western economy, slavery wasn't abolished in the USA until only 140 years ago - there are still a great many western companies who's wealth is founded on profits from the slave trade.

"No-one to blame" - what crap - how about Adi Amin and all the other dictators installed by the USA / UK... that is why Africa is in such a mess. Nelson Mandela is an incredibly forgiving individual, but we know that he would never have been in jail for all those years if the South African government had not been tipped off by the CIA, as too his whereabouts. How about the American drug companies refusing to allow licences for African companies to locally produce drugs to fight against AIDS, because it might undermine their profits. What about the American intervention in Somalia / Mogadishu and subsequent withdrawl  leaving thousands of people in a far worse-off situation. The list is endless.

Sorry Sir Bob - there are a hell of a lot of people to blame for Africa's situation (and a great many are running the G8 nations) - and the west should be giving the Africans what they deserve, not as an act of charity with Elton Bloody John up on the podium - but as a REPAYMENT OF THE DEBT, that WE OWE AFRICA, for our on-going exploitation of their country, it's people and it's resources. 

So yeah, I'm cynical about Live8 - think it might have been something to do with the article in which i read that Sir Bob wouldn't refuse a Lordship if it was offered to him.

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