Monday, June 27, 2005


Apology to a Blog

Dear Blog

I'm sorry i have not been giving you the attention that you deserve over the last month, I know I should have taken the time to love and nurture you, to help you grow and mature into a fully rounded individual. But no! it didn't happen - I have just been spending far too much time 'having it large' and burning my candle at both ends, and in the middle, all at the same time.

Well there have been parties I've had to go too, house parties, parties in bars, parties on beaches and SONAR 2005, that demanded my full attention as well - and I just didn't have the time to lavish attention on you my friend... There were 'Aloha Hawaii' parties, how could I come home from a night of cocktails, hula dancing & limbo and spend time with you? Nope I just had to pass out - face down on the bed still wearing a lei and a straw stetson. There were nights at Magic, playing air guitar to "Sweet Home Alabama", with a bunch of hairy Catalan rockers - nights at SONAR, punching the air to Richie Hawtin until 7.00am and the harsh glare of daylight. How could I then give you the care and love you so begged from me? No I have been a cruel and neglectful master... There have been nights raving on the beach, to pounding techno whilst bangers and rockets exploded all around, nights in sweaty warehouses, being assaulted by the relentless bass of a dub soundsystem. How could I then even spare an hour to put quill to parchment, to scratch out a few lines of erudite wit? Not it was just an impossible chore. How much further could I go to express my guilt and regret?

There have been days on the beach, cooking slowly under the Mediterranean sun, watching pudgy white flesh turn pink - then you would have thought I could have made some time for you, my bloggy friend. But no... I was overcome by tidal waves of apathy and neglect.

However I'm sure next month I'll get it together.

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