Tuesday, April 05, 2005


You Know When You're Somewhere When

I always think that having a PO Box is a kind of mark of permanency so that's why I went and got one yesterday, I don't know maybe it's that sense of commitment, that having paid for it then you might as well use it for the whole year. More likely it's a case of having gone through all that waiting around in the Post Office and trying to explain in my terrible pigeon Spanish what I was after - I don't wan't to go through all that again. Anyhow I now have a box, and very nice it is as well, all shiny and silver unlike those dull dirty black ones that you get in Australia. Joy! It's the simple things. So hopefully soon it will be full of stuff - letters, postcards, foreign correspondence, bank statements, the temptation of frequent flyer offers - or maybe it just may be empty with tumbleweeds blowing through. It's the unpredictability that keeps life interesting :-)

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