Friday, April 15, 2005


Very Nearly Got Shafted

Phew! I very nearly got shafted yesterday and just figured out what happened at the last moment. I've been having this ongoing correspondence with Paypal regarding switching my trading account from Australia to Spain, which was proving to be a little tricky. All this malarkey with closing one account and opening a new one, then all of a sudden in the middle of all this I get an email purporting to come from Paypal asking me to click through what looked like a legitimate link and verify my account details - so I click through and enter my Visa Card information, new bank details etc.

Then I send an email to the person at Paypal I had been dealing with explaining what I had done with my account, and he writes back to say that they had not sent that request for verification - it was a hoax, a con, a swindle some bastards had caught me with. So immediately I had to call up Visa and cancel my card and consequently have to wait another ten / twelve days for a new card and pin number.

Great, so now I'm stuffed and unable to access any cash for a days on end. Can't believe that I was dumb enough to fall for that one. Now when i read the email again, there is one glaringly obvious spelling mistake and clicking through to the bogus webpage I realise that you can click through without even entering your name & password. So I'm pretty angry with myself as you can imagine - had to vent my anger by sending another form through filled with "Motherfuckers, hope you all die of cancer" and other endearments.

So there's a lesson to be learned for us all - don't be a dumbass! Luckily I managed to shut down my credit card before they had done any shopping with it.

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