Sunday, April 17, 2005


Misnoma at New York Club

Nearly missed one - Friday night went down to New York Club just off the bottom end of The Ramblas, to a band who are friends of AM called Misnoma which was pretty cool. I think they're mainly English but have been based in BCN for years, very varied variety of styles but generally they reminded me a lot of Moloko (what's happened to them?), but then sometimes more funky, then with a three-piece all girl string section, then a didgereedoo, then a sitar sounding all eastern and mystical. Definitely worth seeing - they describe themselves as 'electro-lounge', which is a s good as description as any, very charismatic singer Ayesha.
The club afterwards was kicking too - lots of vintage funk, jazz and bit of rhythm & blues. Nice venue as well although I was told that it did used to be a very seedy dive.


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