Monday, April 11, 2005


Friends of Carlotta - Free Download

Friends of Carlotta was a collaboration between Ned Douglas and myself, which resulted in a handful of songs, most of which remain unfinished. However this track "Out Of Touch" was recorded back in 1996/7, and released on a compilation album entitled "Broken Beats and Dirty Promises" for the North South label, which also featured the likes of Pentatonik and Lo-Fidelity All Stars. The track itself is a bit of a downbeat epic, clocking in at a little over seven minutes - it's built around a loop sampled from Sandy Shaw's "Keep In Touch", spiced with a few bits of jazz poetry and revolves around a cool keyboard solo. Click the link below to download the MP3 (6.8mb)

Friends of Carlotta

Friends Of Carlotta

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