Friday, April 15, 2005


DJ Q-BERT at Sala Apolo, Barcelona

Went to see Q-Bert at the Apolo in Barcelona last night, absolutely awesome... just him, one deck - the space age looking thing in the picture below, called the QFO (a deck with built in faders) and an i-Pod. Never seen scratching like it, almost like he ws making the vinyl physically talk, or playing a jazz drum solo for an hour, very impressive and really really fast. Not surprised he had to retire from DMC competitions because nobody else could come close to him.

My one complaint - not against Q-Bert but all the people at the show in front of me, with an ocean of technology waving in the air. Now I've been know to take one or two photos during a gig BUT to stand there for the whole show with a video camera, digital or a Blackberry stuck up in the air - just recording the entire 60 minutes, is there really a point to it? How many times would you want to watch that? How about DANCING instead?


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