Sunday, April 17, 2005


Big Birthday Night Out

Feeling the burn this morning after Big Birthday Night Out yesterday,
we had a fairly sizeable crew out for Gilles Peterson at Barcelona's finest 110 year old dance hall La Paloma. Very good fun it was as well - Gilles was kicking it up with a pretty mainstream dance type set (he even played the Chemical Brothers), but it worked for me - dropped a couple of nice latin tunes, including a very long batacuda monster, which I sometimes play in a set myself and had a pretty good MC in Earl Zinger who injected just the right amount of energy without over-egging the pudding. I think everybody had a good time - so it was pretty much like last year's birthday event, when we all came down to see Richard Dorfmeister, once you've found a good thing, then stick with it - that's going to be my new motto. So same time same place next year.
Cafe Paris at 6.00am though, waiting for the doors to open and joining the scrum at the bar to get bocadillos, patatas bravas and coffee - never seen anything like it - total mayhem. You'd have thought that the crowd were going to rip the doors of just to get at those jamon y queso sandwiches with the fried egg on top. Mmmm just fancy another one of those right now.

Gilles Peterson

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