Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Absence of Blog

Yes I have truly been a bit slack in keeping up with this Blog in the last few months, for which I cannot really be bothered to make any apologies. I have been spending so much time working on this damn laptop in order to complete numerous work projects that it's hard to drum up enthusiasm to sit here for more hours, just for self-indulgent nonsense.

However now that the INTERNATIONAL LIVE MUSIC CONFERENCE site is complete, and the event itself is just about to take place then hopefully I'll be able to spare a bit more time for this. You can check it out at www.ilmc.com/ilmc17, it has a crazy kind of sword & sorcery look to it, in keeping with my brief.

Also in the midst of an Australian summer, who really wants to sit at home, writing a Blog, when they could be out, on the beach, enjoying the sun, not me that's for sure. Plus it's been the festival season with Big Day Out, Good Vibrations, Tropfest and a whole heap of other events, that has been keeping me away from the keyboard for quite some time.

Anyhow not long left to go now here in Sydney, just over two weeks and it's back to Barcelona, Spain with a week in Tokyo en route. Next week I'm supposed to be flying up to Queensland for five days in Cairns, Cape Tribulation and Cooktown, so absolutely typically the whole area is now being threatened by the worst tropical cyclone in over a hundred years. So if I do manage to make it up there in one piece there's the very real chance that, the whole area could be devastated, by massive winds and rainstorms. Australia eh? They don't mess around. Anyway if anybody is interested then here's my flight schedule:

Am in denial when it comes to the UK, so no plans to go there yet, although it will probably have to be late April or May.

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