Friday, December 10, 2004


Roll Away The Stones

just a very quick one to say hi! please forgive the slightly impersonal tone of this spam email, be sure i was thinking only of you whilst i was writing it :-) heh heh!

anyway I was in and out of hospital this week, i went in with and left without my gall bladder - i did try to get to keep the stones in a little jar, but when i asked they looked at me as if i was some kind of barking mad lunatic... so there's goes everybody's xmas presents this year, damn would have been so personal as well - 'everytime you go away, you leave a piece of me with you'

actually it wasn't that bad, was only in hospital for one night and got some good drugs - actually i felt quite guilty for being such a chicken - especially when the poor kid in the bed across from me, had been carved up by a psycho with a kitchen knife. His four huge scars, made my little holes look like shaving nicks... So with the offending gallstones removed I should now be able to go back to my usual diet of fried bread, bacon, black pudding and lard, with a side order of pizza and pints of full-fat milk or maybe not.

It's going to be a little while until I'm totally 100% again, so no break dancing for a month, and I'll have to treat the beer with moderation [whimper], only problem is that the shape of my belly button seems to have changed [that's where the camera went in], well it's not how I remember it and I've lived with the thing for 45 bloody years.

Anyway thanks to everybody who wished me well, texted, sent me balloons and came to visit.

Hasta Luego


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