Saturday, December 11, 2004


50 Complaints Over Bondi

Funny the kind of things that you feel proud about isn't it - I've just got home from Djing at Matt's birthday party over in Bondi... just a couple of hours of funk & soul out in the backyard, good crowd, lots of drinking, dancing and quite a few friends there. Around 12.15 we get a visit from the police, and an order to shut the music off completely, and get all the people into the house. Not even a 'turn it down a bit', just off - turns about that there had been fifty complaints about the noise, not even like we were using a huge rig, and I never even turned the master volume up over half way all night. Thinking about it, every house party I've ever played in Sydney has been busted by the police or rangers, and that's a lot of parties. However I'm quite proud of getting 50 complaints, especially is supposedly bohemian Bondi,at Xmas!
Maybe that could be my new DJ name 50c!

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