Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Amazing Places #3

Fun Ho! National Toy Museum
25, Rata Street
New Zealand
Website: www.funho.com
*Whilst driving back from New Plymouth to Wellington we came across this little roadside museum, which unexpectedly turned out to be the home of some real New Zealand icons.
The Fun Ho! toy company started business in a basement in Wellington around 1937, with the hand hand-crafting of lead and aluminium toys and continued right through until the early 1970's. The museum is one man's mission to keep the Fun Ho! legend alive, an ex-employee Richard Jordan still handcrafts a limited number of toys for sale in the museums gift shop and online. I came away with a beautiful, bright yellow copy of a Studebaker originally released in 1948 - for a mere $30 NZD. This selection of photos is also the first proper work out for my new digital camera, and I think the results are pretty good, although never a replacement for the Lomo.
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