Sunday, August 08, 2004


Screwing the World For 100 Years

So we're all being screwed by George W. Bush, should we be surprised about this? Hell no, with just a little bit of research it turns out that we have been being screwed by the Bush dynasty for nearly 100 years.

George W. jr's great-grandfather Samuel P. Bush was given the government position of Chief of the Ordanance, Small Arms and Ammunition of the War Industries Board in 1917, just as the USA entered World War 1. Later he became Director of Facilities at the War Industries Board, responsible for ordering arms for the US Government, this was convenient - seeing as his two best friends were Percy Rockerfeller and Samuel Pryor - the heads of Remington Arms, who just happened to supply all the weapons for the Anglo-American armed forces and Czarist Russia. So in just the same way as George Bush Sr, is back working for the Carslile Group [who have a major involvement in manufacturing arms for the US Government], while his son starts a war against Iraq - they were doing virtually the same thing 90 years ago.

Here is where it gets really dirty, although it's all a bit much to squeeze into a blog - the real joker in the pack was Prescott Bush [1895 - 1972], grandfather of the current president. After a spell in the military in WW1 he entered the investment banking business in 1926, through his father in law George Walker [The 'GW' in George W Bush], then as vice president of Brown Brother / Harriman bankers. The Harriman bank was the main Wall St connection for Fritz Thyssen, a major financial & idealogical backer of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party - who many believe was responsible for actually getting Hitler into power.

Throughout this period Harrimans [and Bush] made considerable investments in the Nazi regime and through business ties with other German industrialists like Friedrich Flick, made a lot of money back through coal & iron mines, steel production and fabricating etc. After the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939, many of these enterprises were staffed by slave labour, from the concentration camps.

Eventually in October 1942 - ten months after the USA had entered the war - Prescott Bush and Brown Brothers Harriman were finally busted for "trading with the enemy", which seems a long time to wait. All their stock was seized, but on the whole they seem to have gotten away pretty lightly. So lightly in fact that ten years later in 1952, Prescott Bush was able to be elected as a Republican senator, where he remained for the next ten years. Funnily enough Richard Nixon considered Prescott Bush to be his political mentor.

Go to for much deeper information on this subject, it's dirty, it's messy. But it shows that the Bush family have been getting rich through the spilling of other peoples blood, for almost 100 years - WW1, The Nazis, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan - and there will be no end to it until they are forced out of power, and made to account for their crimes.

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