Saturday, August 14, 2004


Freedom of Speech in KKKansas City

As part of a 2002 court settlement reached with the record industry, over price fixing, 40 states around the USA are recieving free cds for inclusion in their public libraries. However not all is well with this deal in several states, thanks to the interference of self-appointed moral guardians.

In Kansas City, Missouri - the Attorney General Phill Kline has witheld 1,600 of the state's alloted 51,000 discs, because they are contrary to his "concept of decency". He will not allow any albums to go to the public libraries that "promote violence or illegal activity". Included in the list of 25 offending artists are:

The American Civil Liberties Union director in Kansas, Dick Kurtenbach has said of Kline's action.
"What he's doing is enforcing his concept of decency on libraries around the state of Kansas, and that's not his business,"

A spokesperson for Kline in justification of their actions said:
"We don't have the manpower to look at every album and every song lyric, but we feel we removed most of the albums that did not mesh with the values of a majority of Kansans,"

In any case it now looks as if the majority of Kansans aren't going to have the chance to find out anyway...

Attorney Generals in several other states have been up to the same tricks, in Indiana AG Steve Carter removed 5,300 discs, or 5 percent of the 107,000
his state was scheduled to receive.

So as the US moves further and further to the right, freedom of speech and expression, becomes it's first victim. Apparently the library associations have not protested about this censorship, but how will they react if asked to remove the works of Charles Darwin or Michelangelo from their shelves.
Source: CNN Online News

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