Monday, July 26, 2004


A New Instrument of Scrutiny

When you're feeling a bit fed up, bored and listless - you know that there is no better remedy than.... SHOPPING, the greatest cure to be found in this world or the next.

Luckily this weekend i had the opportunity to bond with the legions of
camera ubergeeks, at the Sydney Camera Market, rummaging through
piles of vintage cameras, lenses, filters and totally useless accessories -
in the hope of finding, erm! well not sure exactly what.

Olympus PenHowever managed to come away with a very interesting piece of equipment, a 1968 Olympus Pen EE2 half-frame camera. What that actually means is
that it takes, photos that are half the size of a regular 35mm negative, on an ordinary film. So you end up getting 48 shots from a 24 exposure film or a crazy 72 shots from a 36!!!! The viewfinder is in portrait mode, the opposite way up from all other cameras. It's a tiny pocket-size thing, but solid steel and seriously sturdy, very simple - but it's supposed to give really good results. We'll see... weather has been a bit grim today, so haven't had the chance to take it for a test drive, but for $20 AUD, I'm sure it's going to be worth it...

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