Thursday, July 29, 2004


Keeping it Lubricated.

Well you know what they say... as you get into your forties then the human brain begins to calcify, to dry out, to solidify. Like a discarded piece of bathroom sponge that's fallen down the back of the toilet, like a white & crumbling piece of coral - that when you're trying to swim ashore gets caught by the edge of your flippers, and pinged into depths. Like that old plant that's out on your balcony, that you forgot was there and hasn't had a drop of water in six months, like a... well you get the point.

I've kind of been worrying about my mind getting like that, so this winter
(Aussie winter) I've decided that it must be kept well lubricated at
all costs. Which means learning, growth and the stimulation of the brain
cells, before permanent deterioration sets in. So it's two months of serious
adult education for me:

Adios mi amigos y amigas.

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